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A Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet at Pure Pet

Do you ever let your pet on the couch when no one’s looking? Do you cuddle up with him in bed? Maybe you like the occasional kiss on the mouth? Some might say that’s gross. We say to those people – get over it! Because we’re not just pet owners. We’re parents. And we know healthy pets are happy pets. And happy pets give more kisses! Make sure to stop by and see us in Carbondale.

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The Healthiest Pet Food Brands in Carbondale

Your pet is a carnivore, which means he or she needs a diet that’s high in moisture and protein, with lower levels of fat and carbohydrates – exactly the opposite of most major pet food brands! That’s why at Pure Pet we carry a large selection of natural diets that will help keep your four-legged friend in the best shape of his or her life.



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