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A Healthy Pet Starts Here - The Pure Pet Story

A few years ago, our vizsla, Ruby, was having major skin issues and irritation. We spent weeks trying to figure out what was causing her issues and tried everything to get her some relief - steroids, special shampoos, environmental allergy tests – and we still couldn’t figure out what was wrong or how to fix it.

We started doing some research and discovered that Ruby was allergic to her food. Based on the price and packaging, we were sure we were feeding her a nutritious diet. We quickly learned about the lack of manufacturing standards and advertising ploys in the pet food industry. We were quite shocked and decided to switch to a higher quality, natural diet.  After we switched, her issues cleared up almost immediately.  Now, four years later, Ruby is in better shape than she’s ever been. In fact, she’s spending a lot of her time hanging around the store and running around with her brother, Boone.

While researching different foods, we realized there wasn't a place in southern Illinois for pet parents to learn about the benefits of a natural holistic diet.  We started Pure Pet with the goal of treating your pet just like we treat our own. We take a holistic view of animal nutrition and believe that a healthy pet is a happy pet.

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