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Your animalsÔÇÖ full potential. We never aim for less.

Pure Pet is proud to carry Purina Horse Feed in Carbondale, Illinois. Our love of beautiful, healthy, productive animals drives everything we do at Purina. And the proof of our success is in barns and pastures everywhere.

Game Bird Poducts

  • Purina┬« Game Bird + Turkey Startena
  • Purina┬« Game Bird Flight Conditioner
  • Purina┬« Game Bird Layena ETTS
  • Purina┬« Game Bird Maintenance Chow
  • Purina┬« Premium Game Bird Block
  • Purina┬« Premium Wild Bird Block
  • Purina┬« Premium Wildlife Block

Rabbit Products

  • Purina┬« Rabbit Chow┬« Complete Wholesome AdvantEdgeÔäó
  • Purina┬« Rabbit Chow┬« Fibre3 Wholesome AdvantEdgeÔäó
  • Purina┬« Rabbit Chow┬« Professional Wholesome AdvantEdgeÔäó
  • Purina┬« Rabbit Chow┬« Show Wholesome AdvantEdge

Fish Products

  • Purina┬« AquaMax┬« Fingerling Starter 300
  • Purina┬« AquaMax┬« Fry Powder
  • Purina┬« AquaMax┬« Fry Starter 100
  • Purina┬« AquaMax┬« Fry Starter 200
  • Purina┬« AquaMax┬« Grower 400
  • Purina┬« AquaMax┬« Pond Fish 2000
  • Purina┬« AquaMax┬« Pond Fish 4000
  • Purina┬« AquaMax┬« Sport Fish 500
  • Purina┬« AquaMax┬« Sport Fish 600
  • Purina┬« AquaMax┬« Sport Fish Largemouth
  • Purina┬« AquaMax┬« Sport Fish MVP

Chicken Products

  • Purina┬« Layena┬«+ Free Range
  • Purina┬« Farm to FlockÔäó High Protein Hen Treats
  • Purina┬« Farm to FlockÔäó Wholesome Hen Treats
  • Purina┬« Layena┬« Pellets
  • Purina┬« Layena┬« Crumbles
  • Purina┬« Layena┬«+ Omega-3
  • Purina┬« Start & Grow┬«
  • Purina┬« Start & Grow┬« Medicated
  • Purina┬« Organic Starter-Grower
  • Purina┬« Organic Layer Pellets or Crumbles

Horse Feeds
  • Purina┬« Equine Adult┬« Horse Feed
  • Purina┬« Equine Junior┬« Horse Feed
  • Purina┬« Equine Senior┬« Horse Feed
  • Purina┬« Equine Senior┬« Active Horse Feed
  • Purina┬« Omolene #100┬« Active Pleasure Horse Feed
  • Purina┬« Omolene #200┬« Performance Horse Feed
  • Purina┬« Omolene #300┬« Growth Horse Feed
  • Purina┬« Omolene #400┬« Complete Advantage Horse Feed
  • Purina┬« Omolene #500┬« Competition Horse Feed
  • Purina┬« Strategy┬« Healthy Edge┬« Horse Feed
  • Purina┬« Impact┬«
  • Purina┬« Ultium┬«
  • Purina┬« Wellsolve LS┬«
  • Purina┬« Amplify┬«
  • Purina┬« Outlast┬«
  • Purina┬« Supersport┬«

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